We are currently looking for:

  • Postdocs
  • Graduate Students
  • Interns

Applicants should have background in Biology or/and Bioinformatics or/and Computer Science with experience corresponding to the position they apply. Applicants able to communicate, read and write in English will be given preference.

For Graduate Students, we offer international fellowships and possibility of working part-time abroad in the collaborating labs in Germany and UK.

Regarding other positions, we offer competitive salary depending on applicant’s experience. Besides the financial benefits, we offer excellent academic environment within the group and the Institute, as well as collaboration with leading research institutes in Europe and around the world.


To apply, please submit your current CV with a cover letter detailing your interest in the position to Prof. Dr. Philipp Khaitovich: khaitovich@eva.mpg.de

or post to:
Prof. Dr. Philipp Khaitovich
CAS-MPG Partner institute for Computational Biology
320 Yue Yang Road, Shanghai, 200031

Please indicate the position you apply for on envelope or email

2016 Comparative Biology Group