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Uli Schwarz Quantitative Biology Core Facility

The“Uli Schwarz Quantitative Biology Core Facility”was built upon the former “Max-Planck Guest Lab” which founded by Prof. Dr. Uli Schwarz in 1985. To monumentalize Prof. Dr. Uli Schwarz, who devoted himself fully to Sino-German scientific collaboration and establishment of Max-Planck Guest Lab and Partner institute for computational biology successfully; this public experimental platform was rebuilt in 2008 and named “Uli Schwarz Quantitative Biology Core Facility”. It serves as a molecular and cellular wet experimental platform to whole PICB.

Uli Schwarz Laboratory comprises 3 parts:

Main Lab
DNA Lab Dissecting room
RNA Lab Sample storage room
Toxic Lab Cell culture room

High-throughput molecular quantification and analysis subplatform
Enzymatic system
BioMark HD gene analysis system
Microfluidics system
Stable isotope system

High-throughput imaging and analysis subplatform
Two-photon confocal microscope
Lightsheet Z.1 system
Visiosphere 3D imaging system
Inverted fluorescent microscope
Laser capture microdissection machine

The instruments in the Uli Schwarz Quantitative Biology Core Facility not only open to PICB, but also to SIBS and the other scientific research units and institutions in China. The Uli Schwarz Quantitative Biology Core Facility thoroughly implemented the “instrument sharing” spirit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; its professional service has won a good reputation for the PICB.