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Regulation on laboratory rotations| Lab Selection Rules  | Degree Requirements


Regulation on laboratory rotations

I. Laboratory rotations are a requirement of M.S./PhD study program.

II. Introduction to rotations

1) Purpose: To gain experience from the research process in various given laboratory or research group.

2) Time: Freshmen in the M.S./PhD study program must rotate in two laboratories or research group (2-3months/per rotation) in the first year, and will obtain 6 credits on passing both evaluations

3) Evaluation: After each rotation, the student must submit a written report including background information, the goal of the work, methods used, results obtained and relevant references. The research group leader will grade the student based on performance during the rotation and quality of the report submitted. The highest grade for each rotation is 50, with 100 being the maximum for the two rotations. If a student obtains less than 60 points for the two rotations, the student fails this part of the course. The consequences are the same as failing other course requirements.

III. Arrangement of rotation.

1) Freshmen start rotations upon entering the school. The first round is from the beginning of September to the end of November, the second round from early December to early March the following year.

2) Before rotations start, the institute will distribute the graduate advisors’ information and give the rotation application form to all students. The advisors can introduce their research topics to the students through seminars and informal conversations with the students.

3) The institute will provide the students’ information to the graduate advisors to help them to select rotation students.

4) Students can select rotation laboratories freely within the institute. It is the advisors’ responsibility to accept rotation students.. In principle, if an advisor wants to recruit two students, she/he should accept four rotation students in all. The maximum number of rotation students an advisor can accept at any one time is three.

5) After obtaining the advisor’s agreement and signature, the student must submit her/his application form to the Education Secretary. After each rotation, the student must submit his/her rotation report with the advisor’s comments to the Education Secretary within one week of the end of the rotation.

6) The Institute is responsible for solving potential problems during the rotation.

Graduate Student Management Office of SIBS August 2004