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Keylab Seminar Talk by Dr. Siu Sylvia Lee (28th June ,Wednesday )
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Keylab Seminar  Talk by Dr. Siu Sylvia Lee


Speaker:  Siu Sylvia Lee, Ph.D.

                Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and 

                Genetics, Cornell University     

Lab websitehttp://faculty.cit.cornell.edu/lee/


Time:   10:00 am, 28th June (Wednesday

Venue:  Room 300, SIBS Main Building, Yueyang Road 320

 Host:    Dr. Jing-dong Jackie Han

             CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology


 Title: Chromatin regulation and longevity in C. elegans   



Recent studies demonstrate that altered histone modifications can profoundly impact longevity. Nevertheless, how histone modification changes modulate aging and how aging alters histone modifications are still largely unclear. We have taken a two pronged approach to gain insights into the connection between histone modifications and aging in the powerful model C. elegans. We have investigated how specific histone modifying enzymes regulate histone modification patterns and affect longevity. We have also monitored the genomic locations and abundance of several major histone modifications at different aging time points to assess how the global chromatin environment may change with age. We believe these two approaches together will provide important insights into how chromatin regulation can be linked to aging.


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