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Bio-Med Big Data Center Seminar by Prof. Guoping Zhao, May. 7 (Monday)
Authors:chenyi    Time:2018-05-01    Read:1055

Speaker: Prof.Hans-Peter Klenk 
Head of School of Biology,  Newcastle University

Host: Prof. Guoping Zhao, 
Bio-Med Big Data Center, PICB

Title: Progressing into the second decade of the Genomic Encyclopaedia of Bacteria 

and Archaea: experience from the first  decade and  plans for the second decade  

Time: May 7, Monday, 2018, 13:30 pm



Venue: Room 300, PICB Building, 320 Yueyang Road , Shanghai


Brief Biography of Speaker:

Hans-Peter Klenk qualified with a Master’s degree in Biochemistry (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen) and a PhD in Microbiology (Ludwig Maximilians University München and Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry).  His initial research interests were focussed on the early evolution of the three domains of life, Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryotes, with a special emphasis on diversity and discovery of novel extremophilic archaea and DNA-dependent RNA polymerases as molecular markers for phylogenetic analyses. With first positions in Canada and the US he contributed to the advancement of microbial genomics and later pioneered the use of genomic information for microbial systematics during private lecturer positions at Darmstadt University of Technology and Braunschweig University of Technology (2001-2014). From 2007 till his appointment at Newcastle University he directed an outstanding research team (What’s hot in Biology) which guided Europe’s largest Biological Resource Centre into the genomic era. Much of this research was performed in close collaboration with the team around Nikos Kyrpides at the DOE Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, CA, and earned world-wide attention (Cataloging the Vast World of Microbes, in an Encyclopedia - The New York Times).

Publication metrics for 507 peer-review papers can be followed at PubMed and Google Scholar. H-index = 59.

Hans-PeterKlenk教授是国际著名的微生物系统学家,也是国际微生物基因组学的带头人。美国微生物学会院士、英国皇家生物学会会员、匈牙利微生物学会与印度微生物学会的荣誉会员;曾任德国微生物与细胞保藏中心(DSMZ)微生物部门主任,现任微生物基因组标准协会主任、英国Newcastle大学生物学院院长。自1994年以来,Klenk教授发表SCI源论文490余篇国际同行评议论文、参与编写专著25章节;论文被Web of Science 引用> 15557次,被Google Scholar引用超过22532次;其中以第一作者在NatureNature geneticsPNASCurrent Biology各发表一篇,在Nucleic acids research发表3篇,以通讯作者或主要作者在NatureNature BiotechNature communicationPlos BiolISME J等国际主流杂志发表多篇高水平论文。

教授目前是Standards In Genomic Sciences等多个国际杂志副主编或编辑或编委成员,同时还是生物信息学、微生物基因组学和细菌系统学等领域相关的多个国际委员会成员。他是国际上从事微生物基因组测序研究最早的一批科学家,从最初的1994年起,就参与了数百个细菌或古菌基因组的测序与分析项目。目前在Sequencing of Orphan Species (SOS,孤儿种的测序Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA,细菌古菌的百科全书)测序项目的推动过程中,Klenk教授扮演着主要领导者角色。他领导的项目旨在系统地填补生命之树上那些尚未被测序的细菌和古细菌基因组序列,有数千株原核微生物标准菌株在项目计划之内。2014年,Klenk因其对原核微生物基因组学及系统学做出的突出贡献而获得伯杰氏奖。此外,Klenk教授还参与了全物种生命树(The All-Species Living Tree)项目,旨在重建包含现有古细菌和细菌标准菌株的16S rRNA基因树,使其有效应用于微生物分类与生态群落研究中。目前,Hans-Peter Klenk团队的研究工作主要涉及微生物基因组学、微生物系统学等领域的研究。