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Key lab seminar by Dr Minghui Li, Oct, 22rd
Authors:PICB    Time:2018-10-17    Read:790

Time: 10:30am to 12:30am on Tue 23rd Oct.2018

Venue: Room 300, 320 Yueyang Road

Speaker: Dr Minghui Li (Sinotech Genomics)

Host: Andrew Teschendorf

Title: The 100k Epigenetic Atlas Project

Introduction: The 100K Epigenetic Atlas Project is the first large scale methylation project of its kind in China.The goal is to build a DNA methylation database for biology research and clinical    application. Through this strategic collaboration with illumina, Sinotech Genomics will build a leading high -throughput methylation microarray laboratory in Asia. The project will be mostly based on illumina Infinium Methylation EPIC BeadChip platform. The accumulation of data will also promote the platform’s adoption in epigenomics research.