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Developed By: Group of Evolutionary Genomics


msmfs is modified Hudson’s ms simulator. It can generate simulation data under the condition of compact folded mutation frequency spectrum, missing data or multiple hits.

    Documentation & Usage:  

The usage of msmfs is the same as ms, except the following added options:

[1] -Y singleton doubleton tripleton  (fixed number of MFS)
[2] -U 1/0 (1 represents unfolded MFS; 0 represents folded MFS. Default is 1.)
[3] -H 0/1 mhlength (0 represents no multiple hits; 1 represents multiple hits. Default is 0. If you specify 1, you must specify ’mhlength’.)
[4] -X quesMarkNum qmOnepos qmTwopos qmThreepos ...These positions are column-based. The number of first column is 1,2,3...nsam. The number of second column is nsam+1, nsam+2, 2*nsam. We recommend to use the which function in R to obtain question marks index (i.e., which(yourData == ’?’))

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msmfs is developed and maintained by CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology(PICB) ,Chinese Academy of Sciences. The software is only free of charge for non-commercial users.


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If you have any feedback or question concerning the tools you can further click the Project Website , or please feel free to contact us at gaofengpicb.ac.cn.