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Developed By: Group of Evolutionary Genomics


This manual describes how to use FastEPRR, an R package for estimating the population recombination rate. FastEPRR has the cross-platform compatibility since R can run on different operating systems. The next section describes how to install R environment and FastEPRR package on different operating systems. The following sections describe the parameters of main functions (see Main function and arguments specification) and several modes to run the main function under different operating systems (see Usage). The manual is divided into several subsections according to different operation systems and functions, and the user can read relevant sections directly.

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FastEPRR is developed and maintained by CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology(PICB) ,Chinese Academy of Sciences. The software is only free of charge for non-commercial users.


GAO Feng, MING Chen, HU Wangjie, LI Haipeng (2016). New software for the fast estimation of population recombination rates (FastEPRR) in the genomic era. G3-Genes Genomes Genetics, Early Online March 30, 2016, doi: 10.1534/g3.116.028233. LIN Kao, FUTSCHIK Andreas, LI Haipeng (2013). A fast estimate for the population recombination rate based on regression. Genetics 194:473-484

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