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A combined strategy to identify junction reads from back spliced exons and intron lariats.


CIRCexplorer2 is the successor of CIRCexplorer with plenty of new features to facilitate circular RNA identification and characterization.


CIRCpseudo is a pipeline to map back-splicing junction sequences for circRNA-derived pseudogenes detection. Using this pipeline, you could previously detect circRNA-derived pseudogenes in genome, after maual check you could do further characterizations for them.


CIRCfinder is a pipeline to map junction reads for circular intronic RNAs (ciRNAs). Using this pipeline, you could determine the exact boundaries of interested ciRNAs, so that you could do further characterizations for them.


TERate is a computational pipeline to measure transcription elongation rates (TERs) with 4sUDRB-Seq.



CIRCpedia is an integrative database, aiming to annotating alternative back-splicing and alternative splicing in circRNAs across different cell lines.

CIRCpedia v2

CIRCpedia v2 is an updated circRNA database with integrated information of circRNA annotation, expression, and conservation.

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