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Combinatorics Seminar


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2005 Weekly Seminars
2006 Weekly Seminars

Date Speaker Location Topic 
Feb 23 at 4 pm Guenter F.Pilz , Linz-Kepler University, Austria SJTU Combinatorial Structures from Planar Near-rings  
March 16 at 6 pm Sergey Savchenko, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Science PICB Title: Cycles in Tournaments (II)
March 23 at 2 pm Rosena Ruo Xia Du, Dept. of Math., ECNU PICB Crossings and Nestings of Matchings and Partitions 
March 30 at 2 pm Dameng Deng , SJTU SJTU An introduction to the probabilistic method
April 6 at 2 pm Yaokun Wu ,SJTU PICB Even posets and a parity result on binary linear codes
May 11 at 4 pm Zixia Song,                    University of Central
SJTU Extremal Functions for Contractions of Graphs
May 18 at 2 pm Andreas Dress,                    PICB    
PICB Split and Set Systems with Coefficients
June 1 at 2 pm Zhang Louxin,                    the National University of Singapore  
SJTU Algorithmic Issues of the Spanning Star Forest Problem
the 5th floor of the Haoran High Technology Building in the Xuhui campus
June 15 at 2 pm Rong Luo ,                     the Middle Tennessee   State University
PICB Seminar "Realizing degree sequences with graphs having 3-flows"
June 29 at 2 pm Gu Lei,                         Jiao Tong University
PICB Random Process View on Watts-Strogats Networks
August 10 at  2 pm Jianguo Qian

Rainer Stollhoff

Anirban Banerjee
PICB Graph orientation and a generalization of Sperner's theorem

Activity-dependent growth and self-organization in a neural network model

The Evolution and dynamics of reaction networks
September 8 at  3 pm Fan Chung,                Fudan University Fudan  Yefu Building Local graph partitioning using pagerank vectors
November 9 at  3 pm Xiaoling Peng              Fudan University PICB Variable Selection and Its Application in Quantitative Structure- Property Relationship (QSPR)
November 16 at 1:30   pm Michel Deza  
Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
SJTu Elementary polycycles and applications
November 30 at 5:00   pm Michel Deza  
Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
SJTu Distances: Still a Big Challenge in Computational Biology



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