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Combinatorics Seminar

Please register this seminar and send email to Dr.Grunewald Grunewald@sibs.ac.cn

2005 Weekly Seminars
2006 Weekly Seminars

Date Speaker Location Topic 
Oct. 20,14:00pm  David Bryant, The University of Auckland, New Zealand PICB  
Oct. 27, 14:00pm  Yaokum Wu, JTU  JTU  
Oct. 27, 14:00pm  Yaokum Wu, JTU  JTU  
Oct. 27, 14:00pm  Yaokum Wu, JTU  JTU  
Nov 3, 14:00pm  Stefan Gruenewald, PICB  PICB Hybrid Phylogenies and Rooted SPR Operations
Nov 10,14:00pm  Rudolf Fleischer, Fudan University  JTU Rudolf Fleischer Fiver and Lights Out! 
Nov 17, 14:00pm  ZengBin Zen, PICB  PICB

Compatible splits and linear independency of their corresponding map  

Nov 24, 14:00pm  Qiqi Yan, PICB  JTU Classifying Regular Languages by Split Game
Dec. 1, 14:00pm  Andreas Dress, PICB  PICB Group Valued Split and Set Systems  

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