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From left to right: Asif Ullah Khan (Ph.D., Postdoc.); Meng Shi (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Jing Pu (B.A., Research Assistant); Lei Tian (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Pankaj Kumar (Ph.D., Postdoc.); Xi Zhang (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Yan Lu (Ph.D., Research Associate); Jing Li (Ph.D.,  Associate Professor); Haiyi Lou (Ph.D., Research Associate); Xixian Ma (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Qidi Feng (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Yuchen Wang (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Ruiqing Fu (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Yuan Yuan (Ph.D.,  Associate Professor); Ying Zhou (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Dongsheng Lu (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Xiaoji Wang (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Chao Zhang (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Lian Deng (B.S.,Ph.D. candidate); Xiong Yang (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Kai Yuan (B.S., Ph.D. candidate); Shuhua Xu (Ph.D., Group Leader).


The goal of the Population Genomics Group (PGG) is to understand the evolutionary dynamics of genomes at population level using computational approaches, and to bridge evolutionary history and genomic medicine. Currently, PGG is focusing on analysis of genetic structure, inference of human genetic history, detection of natural selection, mapping genes underlying complex diseases in human populations, and identifying the differentially expressed genes among populations. A new focus is to study allele-allele interaction and gene-gene interaction in recent admixed populations.

Directions and Projects

  • Genetic Structure of Human Genomes

[1] Linkage disequilibrium and recombination patterns
[2] Genetic diversity and population migration history
[3] Whole genome data analysis and algorithm development

  • Genetic Admixture and Local Adaptation in Human Populations

[4] Dissection of genomic architecture of admixed populations
[5] Discerning ancestry-specific genetic risk in diverse populations
[6] Development of methods for detecting natural selection in admixed populations
[7] Admixture mapping of human complex traits/diseases.
[8] Detecting genetic variants interaction with different ancestries and the elucidating mechanism of local adaptations in admixed populations
[9] Fully exploring the medical and evolutionary impact of genetic admixture

  • Database and Software Development

[10] Computer program package for SNP analysis
[11] SNP database of Asian populations

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