1) FastEPRR software 2.0 (Linux/Unix, Windows(R version 3.5 or above),Windows(R version 3.4 or older release), manual, example)

[1] Several bug corrections

[2] Speed optimization

[3] Optional confidence interval estimations

[4] Optional demographic model simulation times

[5] Optional training set inputs

[6] Addition of a method to detect variable recombination rates within windows

[7] User manual updata

2) FastEPRR software 1.0 (Linux/Unix, Windows, manual, example)

An extremely fast open-source software package to estimate population recombination rate based on intraspecific DNA polymorphism data.

3) 1000 Genomes Genetic maps

The genetic maps for three human populations (YRI, CEU and CHB) at 50-kb scale and 5-Mb scale.
The genetic maps contain the FastEPRR, LDhat, the combined estimates and the 2010 deCODE family-based map (Kong, et al. 2010).
The FastEPRR and LDhat estimates are based on the 1000 Genomes phased OMNI data set (Altshuler, et al. 2012). The combined estimate is the average between FastEPRR estimate and LDhat estimate.

YRI (5M, 50K)
CEU (5M, 50K)
CHB (5M, 50K)

4) UK10K genetic map (download)

The genetic maps for all 22 autosomes for UK10K population.

Group of Evolutionary Genomics, PICB