Areas of research

Basic Information
>> Group Head: Zhu Xinguang
>> Research Area: Plant Systems Biology
>> Group Secretary: Wang Sisi
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Areas of research

Areas of Research

Photosynthesis efficiency -Identify the limiting factors for both C3 and C4 photosynthesis in plants

a)Anatomical and metabolic controls of leaf photosynthesis

b)Canopy photosynthesis and it application in RUE-based crop breeding

c)National variation of photosynthesis and gene mining

C4 photosynthesis evolution and engineering - Finding the switch from C3 to C4 conversion

a)Evolution of C4 photosynthetic metabolism

b)Regulatory mechanisms controls the expression of C4 specific gene expression patterns

Crop yield potential - finding the liberator of yield potential

a)The nature of conservativeness of photosynthesis in the field

b)Development of a echanistic crop growth models to predict crop performance under global climate change

c)Development of a generic strategy to optimze source, sink and flow to increase crop productivity;to validate the growth model and also to test the yield potential

Engineering photosynthesis for bioenergy production - finding ways to efficiently convert light energy to bio-energy at a large scale