1. We are seeking talented students, postdocs, research associates and interns with strong interests in Bioinformatics and Systems Neuroscience to join our lab. The candidate could either have a computational background (mathematics, physics, computer science, etc) or a biological background. Basic skills of large scale data analysis are preferred.

2.We are also welcoming undergraduate students majoring in Bioinformatics or related subjects to conduct your thesis in our lab.


1. 我们实验室欢迎在生物信息学和系统神经科学方向有浓厚兴趣的助理研究员、博士后、研究生,访问学者和实习生的加入,特别是具有有计算背景(数学,物理,计算机科学等)或生物学背景的申请者。另外,具备大规模数据分析的基本技能者优先考虑。

2. 我们也欢迎生物信息学及相关专业的本科生来我们实验室做毕业设计。


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